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Calloused and bruised . Nothing left to say . Waiting wanting only Your voice

This blog is meant to keep track of my walk in Christ. I wish to capture every single moment and even silhouette that impact me in any ways. I have believed in Christ since young, not to mention the backsliding, re-dedication, backsliding again and again. My allegiance has never been to one church, not until I moved to the cosmopolitan city of Singapore.

Not born into a Christian family, I have no lead whatsoever in buying my ticket to heaven but blind faith. God revealed my heart to things unseen in Singapore. He reveals His glorious plans to transform nations to me through the people around me. I have never felt anything like the way I hope and feel for Singapore. I learn to set my eyes upon the Lord each day and seek Him, in hope of claiming the promises He has bequeathed to me.


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